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Breaking barriers in microbial innovation

Leveraging our innovative technologies and deep scientific expertise, we'll guide you through the challenging terrain of microbial development 

Blue Skies

Breakthroughs in industrial microbiology often involve pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

We are paving the way for a new era of possibilities in microbial product development by addressing longstanding production challenges that have affected the industry for years.

Natural Beauty Models

We believe unlocking the potential of the microbiome will play a crucial role in improving human health outcomes, paving the way for innovative treatments and personalized therapies.

Among the numerous challenges facing the industry today, a significant hurdle is developing viable and effective microbes that target specific diseases and conditions, and delivering those microbes in user-friendly applications that satisfy consumer expectations.


That's why we've assembling a team of distinguished scientists, medical professionals, and experts in manufacturing to pioneer a new era in human health.

It's all about the science.

Developing microbes requires a foundation of good science and expertise in industrial microbiology to ensure their viability in real world conditions.  While advances in sequencing technologies have driven significant growth in microbiome research, many innovative companies have struggled to grow and preserve their microbes to meet the demands of the market.  


At VitriBiome, we believe in using rigorous scientific methods to help researchers and developers understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and how products interact with the body.  This enables us to bring you the best microbial solutions available, bar none. 



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