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We're harnessing the power of the microbiome to develop innovative microbial products
tailored to your unique health needs


Personal health products are riddled with harmful ingredients and toxins that cause inflammation and disrupt our microbial balance.


Regular use of health products containing harmful ingredients and toxins can lead to dysbiosis, an imbalance of microorganisms in our bodies that has been linked to chronic and systemic health conditions.  Although demand for natural or cleaner products is growing, there are limited safe and effective alternatives available and even fewer products that are uniquely formulated to protect and restore the body's microbial balance, which is critical for maintaining optimal health.


VitriBiome is here to change that.

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We believe unlocking the potential of the microbiome will play a crucial role in improving human health outcomes, paving the way for innovative treatments and personalized therapies.

Among the numerous challenges facing the industry today, a significant hurdle is developing viable and effective microbes that target specific diseases and conditions, and delivering those microbes in user-friendly applications that satisfy consumer expectations.


That's why we're assembling a team of distinguished scientists, medical professionals, and experts in manufacturing to pioneer a new era in human health with evidence-based probiotics that can alleviate dysbiosis and restore your bodies natural healthy balance.

It's all about the science.

Developing probiotics for human health requires a foundation of good science.

Unfortunately, too many companies release products with questionable claims and harmful ingredients that are no bueno for our bodies.  


At VitriBiome, we believe in using rigorous scientific methods to help researchers and developers understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and how products interact with the body.  This enables us to bring you the best microbial solutions available, bar none. 



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